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A good butler never stands alone. He’s part of a family, part of a community. He has excellent organizational skills and a remarkable taste and knowledge in all things culinary. That’s why Botlr is so versatile.

Our Botlr family consists of beer brewers, wine estates, bottling companies, gin & other liquor production, olive oil production, fresh juices and smoothies in shops and stores, sports nutrition and food supplements, and cosmetical & pharmaceutical products, canned vegetables & fruits and so on.

Why choose Botlr?

Any size, any shape, any material

Botlr handles one or two labels, transparent labels, a second label with different dimensions on the same label roll, two labels with different gap-size and labels in particular shapes and thicknesses. That is unparalleled.

Other than that, Botlr supports label rolls up to 300mm in diameter and collects the backing material, making your work so much more efficient.

Patented technology

His patented technology calculates every bottle diameter automatically and applies your labels precisely 180° opposite to each other or in any desired place.

Botlr supports different label shapes and sizes.

Demanding labelling requirements?

A unique Label Sensor Technology complies with your most demanding labelling requirements

  • 1 or 2 labels
  • Transparent labels
  • 2nd label with different dimensions on the same label roll
  • Two labels with a different gap-size
  • Labels with unique shapes and thickness

A good Botlr never stands alone

Easy print & apply

It is possible to connect Botlr to a printer and create a print & apply station.

Out of the box, Botlr is the perfect companion for the multiple thermal transfer and colour inkjet label printers such as EPSON Colorworks printers C6000 and C6500. Contact us to discover more printer brands and models we connect to.

How can I be of assistance?

Frequently asked questions.

Can Botlr accommodate label rolls of different sizes?2023-08-08T14:18:51+02:00

Absolutely, Botlr supports label rolls up to 300mm in diameter. This feature, coupled with its efficient backing material collection, enhances your workflow efficiency and reduces downtime associated with changing label rolls.

What industries can benefit from Botlr’s capabilities?2023-08-08T14:17:50+02:00

Botlr finds application across a wide range of industries, including beer brewing, wine estates, bottling companies, liquor production, olive oil manufacturing, retail juice and smoothie outlets, sports nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. Its adaptability caters to diverse labeling requirements.

How efficient is Botlr’s label application process?2023-08-08T14:17:28+02:00

Botlr streamlines label application, minimizing the need for time-consuming adjustments. Its out-of-the-box readiness ensures immediate usability, eliminating the confusion often associated with manual adjustments. This efficiency translates to faster labeling processes and increased productivity.

Can Botlr accommodate different bottle sizes and shapes?2023-08-08T14:17:01+02:00

Absolutely! Botlr’s patented technology automatically calculates the diameter of each bottle, enabling it to apply labels precisely 180° opposite to each other or in customized positions. This feature ensures that labels fit flawlessly on bottles of diverse sizes and shapes.

What types of labels can Botlr handle?2023-08-08T14:16:35+02:00

Botlr is capable of handling various label types, including transparent labels, different dimensions on the same label roll, dual labels with varying gap sizes, and labels of specific shapes and thicknesses. Its versatility ensures optimal label application regardless of label characteristics.

What is a bottle label applicator and how does it work?2023-08-08T14:15:55+02:00

Our bottle label applicator, Botlr, is a cutting-edge device designed to seamlessly apply labels onto bottles. It uses advanced technology to ensure precise and consistent label placement, enhancing the overall branding and product presentation.

Can I use this device solely to label round bottles?2022-10-24T13:29:11+02:00

No, not at all! Botlr can be used to label a large variety of round surfaces, going from jam or honey jars, to gin bottles, wine bottles or food cans.

How many bottles can Botlr label per hour?2022-05-16T08:14:33+02:00

Botlr can handle up to 1,200 bottles an hour.

How to install this semi automatic round bottle label machine?2022-05-16T08:14:18+02:00

Well, that’s the beauty of it. When you take your botlr out of the box, it will be immediately ready to use. Just plug it in, set up your preferences in less than 2 minutes and you are ready to go.

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