Botlr. The perfect servant for…

Botlr is the perfect companion for beer brewers, wine estates, producers of gin, liquor, olive oil, fresh juices and smoothies, sport nutrition, and food supplements. He can also be deployed to label cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, canned fruits, and event or business gifts.

Meet the masters

Curious to get to know Botlr’s masters?

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A perfect servant for

Gin Distillery Sterck stokers

– Brecht, Belgium

Sterkstokers is one of the first companies to get acquainted with the supporting effect of Botlr. Their experience helped us improve and perfect Botlr’s functionality and efficiency. Discover how this unbeatable device helped them almost double their work efficiency.

Oh honey…
Botlr is a
perfect match.

Honey, jam, marmalade, apple sauce, or anything else you can put in a jar Botlr does not discriminate. Big, small, with or without a lid. He even supports pots with a slightly broader sealing cover, something no other labeling machine can match.

Human kind was
built on beer.
Was it not?

Botlr makes an ideal match for every beer brewery. It labels every round beer bottle fast and effortlessly. And you know what they say: The faster you label your beer bottles, the more time you have to focus on what’s really important. Drinking it. Cheers!

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